Catalysis & Fine Chemistry Laboratory

Group Leader

Mariette M Pereira
Office: (+351) 239 854 474

The Catalysis & Fine Chemistry Laboratory (C&FC) belongs to the Medicinal Chemistry research group of the Coimbra Chemistry Centre (CQC) and is located at the Department of Chemistry of Coimbra University.

The C&FC Lab was founded in 2000 by Prof. Mariette Pereira, with the purpose of creating an innovative research and pedagogical area in the field of homogeneous catalysis applied to the implementation of sustainable synthetic processes of new chemical entities with relevance in medicinal, materials and environmental chemistry.

The overall goals of the C&FC Lab are focused on the development of catalytic reactions for synthesis of value-added products and environmental remediation, preparation of new hi-tech materials, and compounds for potential use in medicine.

This laboratory is composed of six permanent members: the lab coordinator, Mariette M. Pereira (Full Professor), one assistant professor, four auxiliary researchers and five PhD students, besides several MSc and BSc students.